COM 411

Today’s Dad Joke

One astronaut says to another, “I can’t find any milk for my coffee”

The other astronaut replies, “In space no one can, here use cream”


  • Turning in R homework
  • Discussion Questions
  • Readings
    • On Brightspace
    • How to read academic articles

Edge formation review

  • What is an edge?
  • What is one reason an edge might form?
  • What is homophily?
    • Does your social network exhibit homophily?
    • What are some causes of homophily?
  • What is reciprocity?
  • What is an example of transitivity?
  • What is balance theory?

Edge formation review

  • What are foci of activity?
  • How do ties dissolve?
    • What ties have you seen dissolve in your network? What type is most likely to dissolve?
  • What is “tie maintenance” and what forms does it take?

Discussion Questions

Homework review


  • Watch R videos before class
  • Work on Lab 2 during class