Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Week 2

Quick housekeeping item

  • Do we want to change rooms?

Things I should have mentioned last week

The wiki and the class

  • Based on other courses, some wiki content overlaps with course at University of Washington
    • There may be inconsistencies or errors
    • If you can, fix them!
  • Order of readings and assignments
  • Class time is review of readings + difficulties with HW + start on next week’s HW?
  • How to encourage interaction? Work in pairs?


  • Readings
  • Discussion board
  • Example Projects
  • Names and netids of auditing students

Additional Readings

  • Sign up sheet
  • What do we want this to look like?

Project Options

  • I’m compiling some example projects
  • Whatever is most valuable for you
    • Methods + result section of paper
    • Jupyter notebook
    • Replication

Random participation

  • Slightly scary way to encourage mutual accountability
  • Helps add diversity to our discussion
  • Passing is OK

Bit By Bit

  • Did the distinction between “readymade” and “custommade” data resonate with you?
    • Where does the line blur between these two types?
    • How does this distinction differ from the quantitative/qualitative dichotomy?

Bit By Bit

  • Would you rather read more of this book or read more example papers?

Programming Principles Review

  • What is a string?
  • What is the difference between RAM and a hard drive?
  • What is a variable?
  • What is an interactive python prompt? How is that different from a program file?
  • What do you still have questions about?