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  • Project proposal feedback session?

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Solution sharing

Chapter 7: 1,2,3

Baby names: 1, 2, 3

Paper discussion

Margolin, D. B., Hannak, A., & Weber, I. (2018). Political Fact-Checking on Twitter: When Do Corrections Have an Effect? Political Communication, 35(2), 196–219.

  • Lots of evidence that people don’t act like “intuitive scientists”
    • Misinformation doesn’t change opinions
    • Rumors propagation happens even in the face of corrections
  • Key question of their study:
    • What are the social conditions that encourage retraction/opinion change?


  • H1: People are more likely to accept corrections from friends
  • H2: People are more likely to accept corrections from those embedded in same group (larger shared audience)
  • RQ: How do audience sizes affect likelihood to accept corrections?

Paper discussion

  • Method
    • Twitter “garden hose” to identify tweets where:
      • “Snopee” shares misinformation
      • “Snoper” shares link to correction
      • “Snopee” responds
    • Coded the content of the correction and response
    • Regression to predict when a correction was accepted
  • H1 was accepted; no strong effect for others.


  • What were some strengths of the research design? Weaknesses?
  • What is the next study you would design to complement this study?
  • How much do you think the context influenced the results?

Project proposal feedback session?

Principles for this week

  • Jupyter Notebooks
  • Dictionaries
  • Tuples

Team problem

Day 2 challenges - #7


  • Jupyter notebook + problems from book