I am an Assistant Professor in the Brian Lamb School of Communication at Purdue University. I’m also part of the Community Data Science Collective, a group of computational social scientists working to understand online communities.

Most of my current research is focused around studying new online peer production communities - why people start new communities, what impact project founders have, and what early collaboration and communication structures are associated with productive communities. More broadly, I am interested in the conditions that promote cooperation, the social construction of understanding and knowledge, and how automated systems (algorithms, bots, etc.) influence the way social cognition happens. Much of my work uses computational and statistical tools to analyze large datasets.

If you would be interested in working with me, then please get in touch!

Recent Updates

  • Jan ‘20 - I’m teaching two new courses: Intro to Programming for grad students and Communication and Social Networks. Both courses are “remixes” and build strongly on courses designed by others. I’m thankful for those willing to share syllabi and materials!
  • Sep ‘19 - I successfully defended my dissertation!
  • Aug ‘19 - I started my job at Purdue!