Creating LaTeX PDF from included file

less than 1 minute read


I learned a neat trick today. One of those things that once you learn it, you wonder how/why you were so long without it.

I've been working on revising my thesis to try to publish it as a few papers. Because it's such a long paper, I have a 'thesis.tex' file, which is basically a bunch of include statements, to include each of the chapters. As I'm editing it, I open each chapter in a tab in vim, and until today, whenever I wanted to recompile the PDF, I would move to the 'thesis.tex' tab and recompile from there.

So, today I found out that you can set up a .tex file as a "main" file, so that when you '\ll' to compile your .tex code, it will compile that file, instead of the file you're currently looking at.